Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath

Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath is formulated for use on iron and steel. We have coined the phrase “safe on everything except rust” because the Metal Rescue water-based formula literally acts like a magnet to rust. Metal Rescue removes rust from metal but it will not harm other materials such as wood, glass, rubber, vinyl or plastic. In three easy steps you can de-rust your metal parts: simply soak, check, rinse /dry. Like the entire line of Workshop Hero™ products, Metal Rescue is designed for those who want less work and more play!

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath is your clean, safe and easy solution to removing rust from iron and steel.  When we say “safe on everything except rust” we mean it!  Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath will take rust off the most heavily corroded metal parts, yet is safe enough that you can put your bare hands into it.  Just soak, check and rinse/dry.  It’s that simple!

  • Easy to use, virtually no labour involved (no scrubbing, dipping, brushing or other agitation)
  • Just soak the part in a plastic container for 5 mins – 24 hrs depending on the severity of the rust
  • SAFE: No acids, no caustics, no health risks, non-toxic, safe on skin
  • Environmentally-friendly: Safe for drains or sewer systems (check local laws for compliance)
  • Cost-effective:  The most-efficient, easiest and safest way to remove rust
  • Does not compromise any mechanical properties or functionality of metal
  • Product is available for immediate use upon removing from liquid
  • After de-rusting protect with Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative spray.

PROTECT: Metal Rescue can be used as a temporary rust inhibitor by dipping or spraying clean liquid onto the metal.