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ARMOR’s international reputation and presence speaks for itself across the globe. See how we’re winning the race against corrosion in Southeast Asia in this month’s update.

Armor Protective Packaging® made its debut at the international drag racing circuit with its sponsorship of two cars -- a Mitsubishi Evo III (yellow) and Suzuki Swift (white). Both ARMOR cars, sponsored by ARMOR Indonesia, were modified for drag racing at the event held in the Sentul International Circuit in the city of Bogor on the island of West Java, Indonesia. The Mitsubishi EVO III participated in the Indonesian Series of Motorsports (ISOM) National Championship for the first time.

ARMOR and its partner XPAC, are not only helping to prevent and remove rust from drag racers like this, ARMOR “standing guard” as these drag racers compete.

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ARMOR Team Indonesia gathers for a photo in the ARMOR booth and with the ARMOR-sponsored Suzuki Swift (background) at the Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia.

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The Mitsubishi Evo III proudly bears the ARMOR logo as it prepares to take to the track for its debut race.


Showing its speed on the track is the ARMOR-sponsored Mitsubishi EVO III at the Indonesian Series of Motorsports (ISOM) National Championships held last month in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.


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Through the hard work of Armor Protective Packaging®’s Singapore-based partner XPAC, ARMOR products were approved for use by Komatsu, an international leader in the field of construction, mining and utility equipment. Komatsu was especially excited about ARMOR’s Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath for rust removal of expensive and hard to replace parts and equipment.

Approval from Komatsu is an active demonstration of the strength of the ARMOR product line and ARMOR’s ability to meet the corrosion management needs of its customers worldwide.