PREPARATION: For best results, we recommend removing as much dirt, oil and other contaminants from the metal surface as possible, prior to de-rusting.

SOAK: Surfaces to be de-rusted must be fully immersed. Metal Rescue™ must maintain contact in wet form with the rusted surface to be effective. As product is used, it will become darker in colour. Continue to reuse product until there is a performance drop off. Note: this is a ready to use product, NOT a concentrate.

CHECK: Check periodically. Soak time ranges: Light rust will require 5-30 minutes, moderate rust up to 4 hours and heavily rusted items may take up to 24 hours. Do not leave part in solution after rust is no longer present or metal might become dark.

RINSE: Once the rust has been removed, the surface should be rinsed with water or clean Metal Rescue and dried thoroughly.

PROTECT: Metal Rescue can be used as a temporary rust inhibitor by dipping or spraying clean liquid onto the metal.

Your metal parts can be restored in 5 minutes to 24 hours, depending upon the amount of rust, type of steel and temperature of the solution. NOTE: For industrial customers, this de-rusting time can be accelerated dramatically to improve process times by increasing the heat and applying agitation. Metal Rescue has completed de-rusting of metal parts for industrial customers in as little as 60 seconds when conditions are altered.