New Global Paper

Armor Protective Packaging® is pleased to announce the newest addition to the ARMOR WRAP® line of papers – ARMOR WRAP® Global paper – the next generation in the ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology product line.

The name ARMOR WRAP® Global reflects and signifies that this paper meets all international content standards as required by specific countries, including Germany and Japan.

ARMOR WRAP® Global paper has been through more than a year of test trials. Testing protocol included accelerated humidity testing in the ARMOR lab, as well as field testing for select applications, and the results were overwhelming! ARMOR WRAP® Global is outstanding in its corrosion inhibiting performance.

The ARMOR WRAP® Global formula is available in all ARMOR WRAP® options (including ARMOR WRAP® 30, 35 and 60 pound weight) and ARMOR WRAP® Global is as safe, clean and easy to use as all ARMOR products.