Success Story - John Deere

ARMOR helped a world-renowned agricultural equipment company overhaul their global service part packaging to "harvest" cost savings and save a whole lot of green!

John Deere

Type of industry
Agricultural and Turf Equipment

Previous RP Method
Oil was applied by hand to metal service parts that ranged from small to extremely large in size. Employees either wiped the oil on, brushed it on, or oil was poured into a plastic storage bag and the part was placed in the bag and rotated until fully coated. Occasionally, a competitor’s VCI product was used but employees were not properly trained; they were unclear how the VCI worked and used it incorrectly and ineffectively.

Oil was messy, ineffective (continued to have rust problems) and laborious. Because the plant shipped parts all over the world, a rusted part shipped internationally was extremely expensive. The delivered parts had to be scrapped, shipped back, reworked or remade. Additional costs included administrative, reshipment costs, and the erosion of customer goodwill.

ARMOR Solution
ARMOR recommended an easy solution implementing ARMOR VCI packaging to eliminate oils and other methods. ARMOR’s stock program of ARMOR POLY® bags, ARMOR WRAP® papers and ARMOR SHIELD® banding film gave flexibility to the distribution facility to react quickly to changes in demand. ARMOR also provided on-site company training to demonstrate proper application/use of ARMOR products and created training manuals that provided photos of metal parts before packaging and after using appropriate methods and ARMOR VCI packaging materials.

Savings have exceeded $45,000 per year in labor, oil elimination and corrosion reduction and customer goodwill has been strengthened and restored.